Born in the places of porches and plows, the stories that grace the American South are as old as the region itself. Growing up in rural South Carolina on land purchased by my Great-Great Grandfather in 1905 was like living through five generations of stories every day of my life. Most of these stories, old and new, instilled in me a strong sense of identity for my Southern home. Through drawing and painting mediums I layer line and pigment to capture the genuine moments of life in the rural South. I use both mediums similarly to reveal the developmental process of the entire work. Early laid layers of line and pigment are left uncovered or uncorrected while others are built up to heightened detail and clarity. By working this way, I am able to depict an image that is more accurate to the way the human eye sees in real life; the details are focused in specific areas while the rest blurs or fades off into the peripheral. Constructing an image that is more precise to the way our eyes naturally see emphasizes the authenticity of my subject matter. Remaining genuine through every step, I celebrate the rich stories, traditions, and people of the rural South.


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